Rooth-Ear plugs

Rooth Slide Noise Reduction Earplugs

销售价格 价格 $49.88 常规价格 $60.99 单价  单价 

Material: memory foam tips + Nano coating filter

SNR: Open:18dB; Close:24dB

Size: Large, Medium, Small


1x Pair of Filters

3x Pair of Foam tips

1x lightweight aluminum case 

1x Connection string

1x Instruction Manual

1x Gift Box

Function: Filter with switch, noise reduction affection can be adjusted;

Preserve useful signals: Effective sound signals such as vocals and warnings are preserved whle filtering and attenuating noise;

Reduce the sense of isolation: can sense changes in the surrounding envirnmnet, reduce the sense of isolation when wearing;

Technology: Unique patented wide filter aperture acoustic mesh technology, nose reduction for medium and high frequency sound more obviously;

Design: more gashin appearance, easy to open and close directly, operate more convenient.