Rooth-Ear plugs

Kids Ear Plugs and Hearing Protection Equipment

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As general noise levels increase at extreme intensity in concerts and especially some heavy music, it makes you temporarily or permanently loss Kids hearing. Now it's time to take control of the sound levels your kids hearing.

 With the wide filter technology, these ear plugs provide a tuned, flat attenuation response, so all frequencies are reduced by almost the same level, it is safe for kids hearing the original sound. It’s just brought down to a safe level against hearing damage or hearing loss. Reduce the level of sound by 23dB, making the sound as loud as 105dB, safe to listen to for up to 2 hours.

  Features and Functions Of :

  • Three-Flange Shape for good ventilation and less pressure for long use, is more suitable for our ear canal, It could weaken background loud noise to lower safer volume levels against hearing damage, while preserve tones for normal listening.
  • High fidelity noise filter can block the harmful noise but keep the sound nature and will not destroy  the music. Harmful noise passes through the filter, and most of the high noise is blocked and reduced and ensure clarity of sound with full music dynamics whilst allowing speech to be heard
  • Medical/Food Grade Crystal clear Reusable Silicone is imported from Germany, non-taxi,soft, elastic and anti-static.
  • Hollow design allows air to circulate naturally, reduces sweat accumulation in the ear, and enhances wearing comfort


Is Ideal For:

Heavy Music (Drummer) / Percussion player / Musician / Concert-lover / Musical Instrument Player)


Package concludes:

Two pairs of M12 ear plugs shell

A set of green filter

A thanksgiving letter

A Piece of aluminum case

A piece of paper box