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A ride for every lifestyle

Focus on hearing protection

Hi-Fi earplugs

Rooth C&P is a manufacturer who provide you a qualified and satisfactory product for each order. The quality and performance of all products follow CE standard. With high quality requirements while factory directly sale price!

Shooting Hearing Protection

Originally developed for the military, Shooting solutions offer optimum protection against impulse sounds like gunfire whilst mainting your situational awareness. The small size of the earplugs makes them easy to fit under a helmet, communications headsets or earmuffs where double protection is required.

Electronic Earplugs

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Electronic Earmuffs

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Sleep ear plugs

Industry Ear Plugs

Swim Ear Plugs

Shooting Ear Protection

Our brand

We are committed to design, research and development. With our factory, and will provide you with more professional and better hearing solutions according to your situation and needs.